About Us
Our Business

Nanitec is a solutions company tightly focused on the analysis, design and redesign of distribution/fulfillment center
operations. Our company's products automate distribution center functions delivering speed, consistent quality and
overall cost reduction.

While helping clients minimize distribution/fulfillment costs, Nanitec has developed a proprietary suite of robotic
inventory flow solutions that delivers among other:
  • New operational paradigms.
  • High speed Patented and Pat Pending ROBOTIC order picking & packing regardless of the SKU's weight, size
    or shape. (case or single unit)
  • Zero-error picking & packing (patented technique)
  • Daily inventory audits
  • At least 60% reduction in pick-and-pack, quality conyrol and supervisory personnel

Nanitec services shippers like wholesalers, distributors, retailers, e-tailers, subscription order companies and
manufacturers in a variety of industries ranging from frozen food to toys to home delivery drug stores and

Mission Statement

Provide client companies and distribution centers with innovative solutions that minimize operating costs while
simultaneously increasing productivity, value and enabling service level enhancements.  

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity: We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional honesty and integrity.
    Our business principles are never compromised.

  • Client Relationships: We treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their position in the organization.

  • Privacy: We rigorously preserve our clients' privacy.

  • Value: We strive to be professionals that provide demonstrable, unquestionable value to our clients through our
    experience, knowledge and work.
Nanitec, Inc.
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